Even if you only have five minutes, you can fit in an ab workout. This workout targets the obliques to tone the muffin top and will work your middle from all angles. So press play, and get ready to work it!

If you’re like most women, the only place you want to see a muffin top is in your favorite corner bakery. Unfortunately, when holiday-season indulgences start to spill into spring or summer, you may start to realize that the baked goods section has relocated itself into your full-length mirror. Ready to put that muffin back where it belongs?! Our 10min Melt My Muffin Top Challenge will help you jumpstart a fitness routine that will get you back into your cutest summer duds while the days are still long.

Equipment Needed: yoga mat or soft surface, one 10 lb plate and one 8-12 lb dumbbell

What to Do: Perform each exercise as described below. Be sure to check out the videos below to ensure that you are using proper form with each exercise. To see the greatest results, combine the following exercises with a regular cardiovascular routine and a clean-eating plan.

Weighted Twists- 3 sets of 30 (Alternating Sides)
Bicycle Crunches- 3 sets of 30 (Alternating Sides)
Side Plank Pose- 2 sets of 30-60 seconds per side
Jack Knife- 3 sets of 12-15
Side Bends- 3 sets of 12-15 per side
Plank Pose- 3 sets of 30-60 seconds

A.Lie faceup with arms fully extended along sides. Bring legs to tabletop position, knees bent and lower legs parallel to the floor.

B.Brace core and reach left arm up and behind head while right leg straightens but doesn’t touch the floor. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side to complete 1 rep.

Mistakes and Tips:Do not let the lower back break contact with the floor. Keep the lower back pressed downward and abs tight.

2. Double Criss-Cross

A.Lie faceup with knees bent into chest, hands behind head. Bend left knee into chest as right leg extends out almost parallel to the floor and right shoulder turns into knee (keep elbows open wide and avoid pulling on head), pulsing shoulder and knee closer together twice. Return to starting position and continue, alternating feet and arms each rep.



3. Pretzel Knee Crunch

A.Sit in a pretzel position with right leg bent in front of body, left leg behind, and both knees at about a 90-degree angle. Keeping spine naturally straight, hinge slightly forward from hips, leaning torso forward at about a 45-degree angle to the floor. Bring hands together in front of chest. (Place hands on the floor for more support to make the move easier.) Lift left leg a few inches off the floor.

B.Without moving the rest of the body, bring left leg toward right, trying to tap left thigh to left elbow. Return leg behind body without lowering it to the ground.


Reps:20 per side

4. Elbow Plank Hip Rainbow

A.Begin in a forearm plank position with feet hip-width apart and abs braced in tight. Lift hips slightly above shoulders.

B.Rotate right hip toward the floor, pivoting onto sides of feet. Pull abs in deeper to spine and lift hips back up to starting position. Repeat to the left (imagine tracing a rainbow shape with tailbone). Continue, alternating sides each rep.

A.Lie facedown with arms and legs extended into an ‘X’ shape. Extend spine and lift chest, arms, and thighs off the floor, hovering above the mat (keep eyes focused down to avoid neck strain). Reach right arm up toward ear as left leg lifts slightly higher behind hip.
B.Immediately switch sides to complete 1 rep. Try to keep torso as steady and still as possible during the movement. Continue, alternating arms and legs.

Mistakes and Tips:To modify, keep your elbows slightly bent and concentrate on engaging the abdominals.

Stretches the abdominals and spine.

Think of widening your shoulder blades and sliding them down your rib cage as you lift your chest forward. You want to find an opening through your chest and an external rotation in your shoulders.

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